SCSU Student Hometown Map

Student Map

Interactive heatmap shows SCSU students’ hometowns.

The data was parsed from Saint Cloud State Univeristy Student Directory* using BeautifulSoup, geocoded with Data Science Toolkit and mapped with heatmap.js & OpenLayers Map. This projected is featured on St. Cloud State University Facebook Page and in Jason Tham’s blog

SCSU Office of Records and Registration confirmed that student directory records are considered to be public information.

Ph.D. Finder


Ph.D. Finder allows you to find Ph.D. programs in Rhetoric & Composition that most closely match your strengths and research interests.

Built with AngularJS and FlatUI

The Girlfriend Application

Twitter Sentiment Analyzer

The purpose of this project was to explore capabilities of Twitter Bootstrap and make people laugh

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How Every Computer Scientist Should Water Plants with Arduino

It’s hard to tell how much water does a plant need. Remember those times when you had to leave for a vacation? You risk finding your plants dead upon your return. I always find myself unprepared when I have to travel. Once, I watered my mint and lemon balm herbs excessively to make sure the plant had enough water until I come back. Little did I know, my plant would have tiny gnat flies all over it and was covered in spider nets. Those creatures thrived in the wet environment! I had no idea that excessive watering could cause so much trouble. After I almost lost both of my herbs, I decided to solve this problem through automation. This was an excellent opportunity to write some code while solving a real problem, as well as learn how to play with my new toy - Arduino. Arduino has an excellent website with instructions on how to get started.

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