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Why Ivan is right for you?

Exceeds Expectations

Doctors estimated that Ivan was going to be born in nine month. Ivan accepted the challenge. Through hard work, determination, and personal sacrifice he was able to achieve the set goal in 8 month and 3 weeks, while upholding all the necessary quality and efficiency standards.


According to his mother, favorite childhood toys included: vacuum cleaner, doors, drawers, and fly swatters. Even with limited supplies of toys, Ivan managed to make his own childhood fun!

Realistic & Wise

Ivan knows that home is where the heart is: behind your rib cage between the lungs slightly to the left of the breast bone. You always carry your home with you!

Organic & Nutritious

Ivan was imported to the United States from Ukraine - the country where even fast food is health! Ivan grew up under strict dietary supervision of his grandmother, who has successfully tested multiple three-phase nutrition plans and special diet regimes on him.

Premium Class

Comes with the same amazing Russian accent, but without any drinking problems. At least, he doesn't think it's a problem.

Romantic and Practical

Ivan is one of the most romantic people that he has ever met! He enjoys having candle-lit dinners (while saving on electricity) and taking late night walks (while taking out the trash).


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