Official Girlfriend Application (form GFA - 1)

Basic Information


Yes No
Are you or have you ever been a man?
Do you whistle on a regular basis?
Disregarding your ears, do you have any piercings?
Regarding your ears, are they gauged larger than 1/16th of an inch and/or might they set off metal detectors at airports or government buildings?
Do you have a history of mental illness?
Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend?
Are you easily distracted by shiny things?
Do you cook?
What is your idea of a perfect date in three words or less:
How many past sexual partners have you had?
Remember to answer honestly, I WILL Google you.
List any special skills that you may have that are relevant to this position:
Your thoughts on time travel?
What characteristics of mine led you to apply for this position?
Explain why I should pick you as my girlfriend in one sentence.
Preferred outfit:

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