SCSU Student Hometown Map

Saint Cloud State Univeristy Student Map

Interactive heatmap shows SCSU students' hometown.

The data was parsed from Saint Cloud State Univeristy Student Directory* using BeautifulSoup, geocoded with Data Science Toolkit and mapped with heatmap.js & OpenLayers Map. This projected is featured on St. Cloud State University Facebook Page and in Jason Tham's blog
* SCSU Office of Records and Registration confirmed that student directory records are considered to be public information.

Ph.D. Finder

Ph.D. Finder for Rhetoric & Composition

Ph.D. Finder helps you find Ph.D. programs in Rhetoric & Composition that most closely match your strengths and research interests.

Built with AngularJS and FlatUI

Watering System

Automated watering system built with Arduino Uno . The watering system will keep the configured moisture level in a pot, using a moisture sensor and a water pump. An Android app , included in the project allows a user to configure parameters of the system over Bluetooth and see the moisture level of the ground.

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The Girlfriend Application

Twitter Sentiment Analyzer

The purpose of this project was to explore capabilities of Twitter Bootstrap and make people laugh

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